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Ms Better's Bitters

Ms. Better's Orange Tree Bitters

Ms. Better's Orange Tree Bitters

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Tasting notes: Orange blossom, blood orange, bergamot, leafy, herbal, floral and woodsy notes, mid bittersweet.

Picture falling through an orange tree (don't be scared, it's the good kind of falling), as you tumble, a whirlwind of sensations: the delicacy of the blossoms, the juiciness of the fruit, the freshness of the leaves and the rich woodiness of the bark. This Bitter is the best thing to happen to a Ramos Gin Fizz since Ramos.

As well as gin and lighter spirits, this bitter pairs well with both whiskey, brandy and rum. It's also great for classic cocktails such as an Old Fashioned, Martinis, or Sours.

ABV 40%
118mL / 4oz bottle
Made in Vancouver, BC

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