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Sombre & Amer

Livia Floral Bitter

Livia Floral Bitter

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Paradise bitters

Prepared with peels of citrus x paradisi, these bitters give life and warmth to clear spirits. A touch of lavander and hops add a sweet and mystical scent.

Walking, in a Paradise or Eden
Whoa, temptation
Give me one second to succumb.

100ml/(3.4oz) 38% abv.

The small Montreal company Sombre & Amer creates diverse bitters that complement beverages by giving them flavor, complexity and richness. These elaborate recipes are based on the traditional medicinal elixirs created by apothecaries, herbalists and bons-vivants of a long-gone era. Somber & Amer's bitters are handcrafted with a clever blend of natural ingredients, including herbs and spices of all kinds.

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