About Us


Our Boutique

Located in Montreal, our store is authentic, ethical and our primary goal is always to make you feel good about your purchases.

Whether you come to see us to find a creation from one of our local designers or you simply come to say hello to Prince - our canine assistant and cuddle attendant - our team wants you to come home with a smile ... and a creation made in Canada!

Our Products

In a world of fast-changing fashions, we offer timeless designs that are made to last. Primarily made from natural fibers, our jewelry is nickel free and our skin care products contain no chemical ingredients.

It’s important that we only carry items that are as natural as possible and make a difference for the environment. For this reason, we value transparency and our team is always happy to discuss product origins and quality with you!


Evelyne is a self-made entrepreneur whose mission is to make all wxmen feel beautiful in the clothes they wear. Evelyne Boutique combines her passions for local designers' fashion and sustainable purchases, while also being deeply committed to supporting the local community.