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Our Eco-luxury candles are made from coconut wax, created in micro batches hand-poured by us in Vancouver, B.C.

Burn baby, burn: Coco Nite Candles burn approximately 35-40 hours!  Coconut wax burns slower and at a lower temperature than soy wax, and our wooden wicks make a soft crackling sound many would describe as delightful. Coconut wax has a stronger hot/cold scent throw, which is why your candle smells so damn good! 

The Afterglow: After care instructions are simple. Blow out your candle, let cool and optionally replace the wooden lid or just let it chill and make the room smell yummy.

Good Vibes Only! Ecologically sound, Vegan, and Non-toxic; our candles are pesticide and paraffin free. Coconuts are considered a sustainable crop and an earth-friendlier choice than other waxes. The wooden wicks are lead free and come from sustainable forests. Your empty jar can easily be repurposed. 

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